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Blushing Brides

28 Aug 2013

Take a look at our inspiration boards and see how blush can be incorporated in your wedding, from the gown to the flower...

Alternative wedding altar

Alternative Altar Backdrops

28 Aug 2013

An amazing altar will set the entire mood for your ceremony, and is the backdrop for the most emotional part of the day...

Mini food ideas for your wedding day

Mini Food

28 Aug 2013

Take a bite out of the hottest trend in wedding catering - mini food. These pint-sized meals fit comfortably in the palm...

Same same but different bridesmaids dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

28 Aug 2013

Your bridesmaids have different body shapes, hair styles and skin tones, so it makes sense not to style them in matching...

Cake Pops

Put it on a Stick: Dessert Edition

28 Aug 2013

We've collected a little dessert inspiration for your wedding day, and I have to say research that involves cake, chocol...

Naked Cake Ides

Naked (un-iced) wedding cakes

28 Aug 2013

Forget fondant and embrace the trend that is naked wedding cakes. This relaxed look is perfect for those couples plannin...

Sarah & Jarrad: From the valley to the sea

5 Jul 2013

It was a case of slightly delayed kismet before Sarah and Jarrad were married at a beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland w...

Rebecca & Wade: Beating cancer to wed her love

5 Jul 2013

Rebecca was diagnosed with a rare cancer, beating it to marry the love of her life Wade. After this inspirational story...

Quentin & Kelly: A bohemian wedding

5 Jul 2013

It was during a lovely quiet bush walk through Kondalilla Falls in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that Quentin proposed t...

Mandy & Mick: Cruising Into Love

5 Jul 2013

Mandy and Mick met while on a cruise - coinciding exactly with the kickoff of the 2008 NRL grand final, between Manly an...

Katelyn & Rhys: Honouring Family Ties

5 Jul 2013

Katelyn and Rhys have experienced a rare wedding inspiration in their own families: both their parents and grandparents...

Mt Tambourine Wedding

Joanna & Colin: A springtime Mt Tamborine wedding

5 Jul 2013

Joanna’s spring wedding to Colin took in the best of Mt Tamborine’s glorious, blooming Jacarandas and Agapanthus; howeve...


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