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Wedding 101: Choosing your photographer

Published 28th August 2013 in ALL Categories, Wedding 101

If you're planning a wedding, chances are you've heard this saying, 'After the cake is cut, the flowers are wilted and the last favour has been stuffed into your Aunt Betty's purse, only your photos remain'. Finding the right photographer can be challenging, so to help you out we have put together some tips to find the right professional for your wedding day.

• Choose someone that clicks

It's no good choosing a photographer with a brilliant portfolio if you don't feel comfortable around them. On your big day you probably spend more time with your photographer then your family, so it's more than important that you like the person who is going to be capturing the moments of your wedding. To find a professional that clicks with you as a couple, it is essential to meet in person prior to your wedding. If the conversation flows and they listen to what you want, then you're probably onto a winner.

• Bigger isn't always better

Many bigger photography studios are great, but don't automatically discount some of the smaller guys just because they don't have 10 people working for them (or you hadn't heard of them before). Going for a large studio doesn't always mean they are the right fit for you or your wedding. Either way, make sure you know who will be photographing your wedding. Be aware of studios who hire freelancers on a contract basis, because you may end up having someone you never met show up on your wedding day.

• But they're family...

Your photography-buff uncle has offered to photograph your wedding for free with his SLR - for a couple on a budget, this may seem like an offer to good to refuse. While this may work brilliantly for some, more often than not it ends in disappointment. Uncle John may be a passionate amateur photographer but successfully shooting a wedding is another story. Before you say yes to a family freebie, make sure you consider these things: 

1. Do they have wedding experience? Snapping shots of the garden, holidays or the family pet is very different to shooting a wedding. How would they go shooting at night? Or if rains? 

2. Chances are your family or friend knows other people at the wedding. What if they get caught up chatting to a friend and miss a crucial photo moment? 

3. Do they have the right gear? 

• It's a great deal!

A photographer has offered you a phenomenal discount. You'd be stupid to pass it up, right? By all means, if one of your short-listed photographers is offering a 10% discount, take it! But if it's a studio offering a deal significantly cheaper than any other professionals you have looked in to - their probably is a catch, and it's most likely quality. Remember, it's not a bargain if you end up hating your wedding photos.

To find the perfect photographer for your wedding day, head to our directory to get in touch with the best professionals in your region. 

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