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5 Minutes With: Your Speech Creator

Published 25th June 2021 in 5 minutes with, ALL Categories, Unique services

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias - hands up who already knows that!

It's a well known fact that a large amount of the population share this anxiety. So what do you do for your wedding?

An important and enjoyable (for those not taking the floor), part of your wedding involves speeches. There's the groom's speech, the best man's speech and the father (or mother) of the bride speech to start, with relatives or close friends sometimes called upon as well.

This is where Your Speech Creator, Lee Stenson comes in. Not only will she help you to create your speech, but also to present your speech effectively.

We caught up with Lee to ask her a few questions. Read on to see what we found out...

Lee, how has your background prepared you for your work as a speech writer?

I have always loved communicating with people and from an early age was involved in drama productions and debating competitions. 

I did a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) degree at QUT University and taught speech writing to students there for many years. I also spent a number of years in Sydney working in the public relations department at the Australian Jockey Club. I was responsible for the organisation of the Spring and Autumn Carnivals liaising with sponsors and conducting and promoting interviews with competition winners.

However, my great passion then became speech giving and speech writing for people from all walks of life who were terrified of public speaking. I was very friendly with a couple of wedding coordinators and my speech writing passion seemed to drift into that arena.

I was very fortunate to travel to China teaching young Chinese woman the nuances of speaking English and the elements of good speech writing. Two years ago a group from China came to Sydney for a teaching conference and I was a big part of this conference.

Lee Stenson, Your Speech Creator at a teaching conference with a group from China.Lee at a teaching conference.

Who can benefit from your services?

Anyone in any field who is frightened to give a speech in public.

Weddings can be very emotional, happy yet nerve wracking occasions.  I’ve been to many weddings where the groom, best man, mother or father of the bride, bridesmaids have totally “messed up” their speech and felt so embarrassed at the end of the night. 

I not only help with the writing of the speech but also coach the speech giver in how to effectively present. You can have the best speech in the world but if it isn’t delivered powerfully then it falls flat.

How did you come to work in the wedding industry?

I LOVE weddings. I am the mother of five children, all married and all fantastic occasions.  My children’s friends laughingly call me J Lo – The Wedding Planner.  However, as mentioned, I’m very friendly with a couple of event coordinators and have worked with them for many years.

Two sets of bride and grooms with Your Speech Creator.Lee with two couples she has helped with their wedding speeches. Natalie + Luke (L) and Ben + Loren (R)

Why is it important for you to meet in person with your clients?

It is so important to meet people face to face as you get to understand their personality.  Nonverbal communication – for example someone’s smile, dress, gestures are far more telling than simply chatting over the phone or even worse, texting.

Would you walk us through what happens from the moment a client books you. What preparation is required from them?

I usually meet my clients at a coffee shop.  I know every decent coffee shop in Brisbane!

I have a form asking for their personal contact details, names of everyone of importance involved in the wedding, people to be thanked but most importantly, any special quirky stories about family members that they would love included. I then add my own personal touches to bring these facts to life.

What are the elements of a good speech?

The structure is very important and the inclusion of a theme that permeates the speech is a must.

You need to have a beginning that immediately grabs the attention of your audience and an ending that leaves them thinking what a fabulous speech it was.

After that there are so many elements needed but basically the use of Aristotle’s Proofs – ethos, pathos and logos.  The most important of these elements is pathos – the FEELING and EMOTION the speech creates.

To create these feelings you need to incorporate a number of elements – use of appropriate words, pause, pace, tone, rhyme etc.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Successfully matching the words needed for the client presenting.

What do you love about your job?

Everything.  I love meeting so many different people from all walks of life and helping them turn facts into memories. It is also such a joy to help take the stress and fear out of speaking and presenting.

 Lee will be exhibiting at Your Local Wedding Guide BRISBANE Expo this Sunday, 27th June, so make sure you seek her out and chat to her about your requirements. The ability to present a powerful and heartfelt speech is priceless, it will reduce your stress, and you get to tick another thing off your 'to-do' list!

Lee Stenson, Your Speech Creator.Lee Stenson, Your Speech Creator.


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