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25 of our favourite wedding photos - inspired by architecture

Published 23rd April 2021 in ALL Categories, Photography

Bride and Groom stand in front of a lit up red coloured structure.

Main photo (above) by Timeless Creations

Wedding photographs taking advantage of the natural environment create breathtaking wedding photos, but the built world can also prove to be equally remarkable as a backdrop to your special day's photos.

See our choice of wedding photos illustrating how well architecture can be combined with wedding photography to create stunning results – sometimes blending in, sometimes creating a stark contrast  between the couple and their environment.  Combined with a knowledge of composition, lighting, colour and special effects, the following wedding photographers have captured our imagination with 25 amazing architectural inspired shots.  

If you're getting married, you might find the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos here, or at the least get some ideas to help you decide what type of photos you'd like included in your wedding photo album.

Bride and Groom kiss under a colourful structure.Timeless Creations


Bride and Groom walking up a spiral staircase.Dreamlife Photos & Video


Bride and Groom posing on pier, holding an umbrella.Edwina Kate Photography


Bride and Groom stop in the middle of a city road while people rush past.Murray Redpath Photography


Bride and Groom happily laughing while walking across a bridge.Kyle Richardson Photography


Bride and Groom on balcony dancing on a bright day, with high rise buildings in the background.Orange Sunshine Photography


Bride and Groom on pier with the city and storm clouds in the background..Helen McConnell Photography


Bride and Groom walking down a lavish looking staircase.Raw Design Media


Bride and Groom leaning on a wall painted with a mural.Studio SW19 Photography


Groom picking up Bride in the middle of a city street.Nat Lynn Photographers


Bride and Groom walking through a tunnel.Bec Pattinson Photography


Bride and Groom holding each other in a room.Evoke Studios


Bridal party sitting on stairs with a bright blue door behind.Lisa Schmidt Photography


Bride and Groom stand in front of a large sandstone structure.Mint Photography


Bride and Groom look up from a spiral straircase.MMG Photo + Cinema


Looking down from an elevated position to Bride and Groom on dancefloor.New Black Studios


Bride and Groom in a beautiful chapel at night.All the Love in the World Photography


Bride and Groom in front of a water feature with columns on both sides.A Shot Above the Rest Photography


Bride and Groom stand in front of a large, old building.All Grown Up Weddings


Couple stand inside a colourful, unique shaped structure.Maddy Manning Photography


Happy Bride and Groom sit perched high in a window.Polished Photography


Bride and Groom captured in a horse stable.Indigo Images


Bride and Groom kiss in front of a colourful tiled wall.Red Photography


Excited Bride walking down unique looking steps.Thorson Photography


What are your favourite images? Check out the profiles of these talented photographers to see more of their work in their online gallery or visit our photography directory.

If you're still undecided on a wedding photographer, our wedding expos showcase quality photographers. They provide the perfect opportunity to meet a variety of photographers in person and view their portfolios on the day.


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