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Timeless Creations



Servicing Canberra, National (Australia), Worldwide

Candid, Natural, Fun, Relaxed, Elegant & Timeless Imagery for Your Wedding. Get in touch to see why everyone is choosing Timeless Creations for their wedding!

Timeless Creations began as nothing more than the idea. It was a simple idea: that Canberra needed a new type of wedding photography company that was casual, laid-back, fun-loving and could produce quality photography for a price-tag that didn’t break the budget. Surprisingly, Timeless Creations wasn’t the first name that was suggested for this venture, but it was the one we settled on as that's exactly the style of photography we wanted to bring to all of Canberra and the surrounding regions. It was a simple idea, and everyone loved it!

We started with helping out friends. We then were picked from amongst Canberra’s finest to help out a bride & groom when their photographer pulled out on their wedding. And since then, we haven’t stopped providing the best service we can to every single one of our beautiful couples!

We’ve now found like-minded photographers who are more than happy to help our cause so much so that we’ve now grown to having over 8 photographers that shoot for Timeless Creations, going to places such as Victoria, Fitzroy Island, Thailand and Fiji!

Timeless Creations brings together amazing photographers who have a combined experience of over 35 years of shooting weddings and believe that photography shouldn't cost you the earth - it should be fun, relaxed, modern, yet all about you! Which is exactly why you'll find that Timeless Creations can provide a style of photography you will absolutely love.  We are a brilliant choice for your wedding as a result!