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Do me a favour - gifts your guests will love!

Published 21st April 2020 in ALL Categories, Bomboniere

When you’re trying to decide on what kind of wedding favours you should give your guests, one thing to consider is if they will keep the gift. After all, it can be a waste of money, time and effort if your guests never use the item and it is either left on a shelf to get dusty or thrown away. That’s why we've come up with a list of wedding bomboniere that are either eco-friendly, reusable or edible.  



There is nothing sweeter than a beautiful little succulent wedding favour in a mini pot or tin. The great thing about mini succulents as wedding gifts is, they don’t take up much room, they can be used as added decorations on your wedding tables and they are a fairly low maintenance plant. Even your guests who don’t have a green thumb should be able to keep them alive with minimal stress. 

succulents in tiny pots for wedding favours


Seed Packets

Monogrammed seed packets are another cute thankyou gift for guests to take home and plant. The best part is, you can pick the seeds of your choice, have them personalised with your wedding details and your guests names, so they can double as an ecofriendly reusable guest place card.

Seeds gift wrapped as wedding bomboniere



Create your own recipe cards or mini recipe books with all of your favourite secret (or not-so-secret) recipes everyone always asks you about. It's the perfect thank you for the avid foodie who is always cooking up amazing recipes for their friends and family.  


Edible gifts

If you’re a foodie, another way to say thank you for attending your special day is with an edible gift. Send your guests home with homemade jams, preserves, olive oil, flavoured vinegar, gourmet sauces, personalised cookies or your favourite hot sauce. By packaging them up in cute personalised bottles and jars, your guests will not only leave with something useable, but delicious! This is a perfect idea if you have some time to spare in the lead up to your wedding.

Jar of homemade jam with the message 'spread the love' written on it.



What about natural soap as a wedding favour? Not only can you choose the colour but you can also choose from a variety of scents. They will look cute all packaged up on your wedding table, and smell divine. 

With this type of wedding gift you have the choice of pre-ordering them from a company that will make the soap and create personalised packaging or you can get creative and make your own.

Wrapping handmade soap.


Build your own favours

Let your guests be instrumental in choosing their own thank you gift. By providing little bags and a table with a variety of flavoured popcorn, lollies, gourmet chocolates or cookies, your guests can pick and choose from their favourite treats to take home for later as a thank you for attending your wedding.


Personalised totes or shopping bags

In this day and age with the demise of single use plastic bags, there has never been a better time to create a cute personalised wedding tote or shopping bag as a thank you gift. Not only is it practical but it is also eco-friendly and reusable for many years to come.

Cloth shopping bag as a wedding gift thank you.


If you haven't found what you are looking for and you're still looking for that perfect wedding favour, see our wedding directory for some more ideas.



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