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Tom Judson Photography



Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, National (Australia), Toowoomba, Worldwide

here I am, week-after-week: taking it all in, watching it unfold and getting the moments in between the other moments - the things nobody notices until they’v

It’s a bit unconventional I guess, but I decided to ditch the whole “4/6/8 hour” wedding-photography-packages and switch that with shooting every single wedding from start to finish. That’s it. Reason being - if there’s one thing I’ve noticed from doing this

thing over and over again it’s that people never know when their favourite moment of the day is going to happen, or which photo is going to be most important in one, five or fifty years’ time. So I don’t arrive as you’re just about to step into your shoes. I don’t run away after the cake is cut. You don’t know when mum might start crying, or fall-over, or pick up a smoke-machine on the dance-floor. For me it’s about the whole sha-bang, ‘cause that’s what a wedding is really. It’s a whole day and a whole series of little-big-things. And those are what you’re probably going to adore looking back on.