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Robert Simmons - Marriage Celebrant



Servicing Gold Coast, South East Queensland

When you find that special someone who makes your heart pound with excitement...

Who wants to share your thoughts, your dreams, your today’s, and all of your tomorrow’s Then you know you have found your perfect partner for life. Marriage is like a beautiful story book, it’s a dream that most girls (and guys) have as children one day find their perfect partner, their soul mate, their one true love, and live happily ever after. As an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant, I have had the honour for the past ten years of adding many wonderful chapters to this story book. If you are searching for a Marriage Celebrant who is professional, well presented, has a great sense of humour, thinks outside the box, is comfortable in the company of many, and will listen to your wedding ceremony suggestions, wants and needs then look no further. I am at your service Australia wide Dare to be different? What about a sunrise ceremony on a beach or overlooking the ocean followed by a breakfast reception. At the end of the day you could be enjoying each other’s company watching the sunset over the mountains. A mid-morning ceremony can be great too with a lunch reception, or for the not so adventurous how about a romantic elopement just for two. I will ensure your wedding day is nothing less than perfect, and am always happy to deliver advice or connect you with likeminded service professionals and arrange everything you need. Working as a full time Marriage Celebrant allows me the flexibility to meet with you anytime of the day or night, take your phone calls, and respond to your enquires promptly on the same day. I am happy to converse by phone, email, facetime, skype, or why not arrange a face to face personal meeting. Allow me the honour…Robert Simmons – Marriage Celebrant