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Bring back your hourglass shape. Miracle Shapers Waist trainers, waist cinches, shapers. Bridal, sport & every day shapers. Bringing back the hourglass shape.

My name is Sabine Gruchet, I'm a Curve Model, Tv presenter and Mc. Face of Nestle Optifast, I offer a select range of compression and shape wear garments.

Born and raised in Fashion

I grew up in my mothers fashion stores from the age of 3, started my own lingerie business at 17 years of age, opening two lingerie boutiques by the time I was 20.

After modelling all my life for major lingerie and fashion brands all around the globe as a straight to plus size and now healthy curve model & lingerie proprietor I found a need for good quality shapewear and corsets committed to personal and friendly service, without skimping on professionalism.

in 2013 Miracle Shapers was born in 

the Uk after modeling for many lingerie & shape wear brands. I brought the range back to Australia.

Most days I get ladies writing to me telling me they have put on weight after baby, stress, hormones, wedding day coming up or special occasion especially after Covid. 

I just love hearing that they love wearing my products and bringing back a new found confidence, posture and shape.

Giving my clients the boost to wear dresses & clothing they wouldn't normally wear, along with a new healthy way of eating & exercise. 

In 2016 I became the face of Nestle’s Optifast Weight loss program, losing 40% of my body weight. And continue to be Opitfast’s ambassador and healthy role model.

Every day I have ladies writing to me asking how I maintain my hourglass shape, I love giving  support to all my customers personal service and tips and tricks wearing miracle shapers.

I am so passionate about waist training and having a good shaper under every garment of clothing bringing back the hourglass shape.

I mainly specialise select range of affordable, high quality steel boned waist training corsets, bridal and sport and every day waist cinchers, shaper firm slips, shaper dress, and shaper g strings and more.

No matter your size or desire, I will be happy to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Waist training has been around since the 16th century with tight lacing and compressing the waist, waist training is not a new fad it’s been around for centuries.

Besides the Victorian years, then came the 1950’s with that hourglass shape returning, then the Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian hourglass shape has never really left us, as we all want that’s feminine hourglass shape.

*High Quality, firm support, Mid length, long length

*Medium & firm compression levels.

 *Train your waist up until wedding day, wear under your wedding dress or special occasion dress discreetly.

 *Bridal, sport, occasion and every day

*Real 100% high quality Latex Rubber

*Instant hourglass shape (big results)

* Postpartum (After baby)

 *Thermo activity heat tummy fat

 *Instant waist reduction hourglass

* Reduce waistlines, and trains the waist

*Burns tummy fat, every day and for sport.

*Supports the back

* Smooth lines from bust to hip

*9 flexible Steel bones

*3 level hook and eye for maximum support

*1 hook at under bust  for maximum closure

*This waist trainer are real rubber and latex, good weight and quality  compared to others products on the market, which are lightweight and give very little support.

*Hand wash mild soap only (do not use fabric softener) dry only in shade or dry over towel rail.

* Do not sleep in in our waist trainers

*Start by wearing 2-5 hours a day up to 8.

Give yourself breaks and release the hook and eyes to you’re level of compression

Firm yet supportive and high quality compression garment

Sizes: Small 8-10, Medium 10-12, 12-14 Large, XL 14-16, 2XL 16-18, 3XL 18-20 (3 hook and eye levels inside)

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