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Servicing Canberra

I take ordinary moments that are gone in the blink of an eye and turn them into extraordinary heirlooms

Well hi there, I'm Kel. Most days you'll find me at home, a smile on my face, juggling this crazy life of being a mum and a #girlboss and just like you I am also planning my dream wedding!

I am a photographer, lover of weddings, and a storyteller.

My camera? It's the vehicle I use to tell stories like yours. I'm a photographer that has been shooting since 2012 and still well up during those heartfelt vows and wedding speeches. It never gets old and I love getting to spend my weekends documenting such huge milestones in peoples lives. I am engaged to the man I met on Tinder, a Mum/Stepmum and a friend to my brides, I'm the girl who will help your Grandma with her lipstick, bustle your gown, fetch you champagne, and meet you on the dance floor.

Yes. The kind of photos that transport you the minute you hold them in your hands. You can't be everywhere at once on your wedding day, so I make that my job. I capture those stunning moments between the formalities of your big day - a nose rub between the flower girl and her grandfather, a bit of classic banter between groomsmen or twoaunties toasting privately to their beloved niece. I know that long after the cake has been eaten, and your dress has been hung, your photography will be one of the only things that remain after your special day. These are your first heirlooms as a new family, so please choose someone who will cherish them as much as you will. 

Kel Xx