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Just bring us your ideas, your dates and your budget and we will work with you to do the rest!

We take great pride in the fact that we are a fully independent travel agent but what does that mean for you when planning your big day or your honeymoon? Well, simply put, we can take all the burden away from you allowing you to focus on the things that require your attention.

As early as possible we will set up a time to meet, where one of our dedicated consultations will take care of your arrangements from start to finish. They will listen to you when you tell us what you want, provide expert travel advice and then work with you every step of the way to make sure we can deliver the perfect occasion when it really matters!

We work with preferred partners, such as Club Med, to make sure everything runs smoothly, whether it’s just the arrangements for the happy couple or the couple and all their guests. Even if you are celebrating your engagement or an anniversary, we have many options that will intrigue and excite you and you will most definitely be in the right hands from the very first encounter. Allow us the honour of designing a custom experience to kick your marriage off to the best start.

Destination Weddings

From a shotgun wedding in Vegas to a private beach ceremony in Bali, we can design the perfect destination wedding experience tailored to your unique style and interests. We can also take the stress out of the travel arrangements, not just for you, but for your bridal party and your guests.


Explore the romantic back streets of Rome or live it up in Los Angeles; relax as you cruise through the Danube; be adventurous and go on a safari through South Africa or hike through the Andes trekking, or simply do nothing but relax by the pool at one of the endless options of island destinations.
Wherever you want to go, bring us your dates, ideas, and budget, and we will work with you to do the rest!


Surprise your loved one with a romantic stay in Lord Howe, a wine tour through the Yarra Valley, or an active adventure across the Great Ocean Road. Now, more than ever, there are so many options to go abroad with international flights from most Australian capital cities and these can only help you get the most out of reliving your special day.

Hens and Bucks Parties

Surprise the special couple with a unique and unforgettable mini-getaway. Take them on a relaxing 3-night cruise, or relax on the beach underneath the swaying palm trees. No matter the journey, we’ll ensure it won’t easily be forgotten (until the honeymoon at least!)

Honeymoon Registry

We can take the stress out of your honeymoon arrangements through our convenience honeymoon registry service.
1. Send the registry details to your guests.
2. Your guests choose an amount to contribute to the registry.
3. You receive a contribution summary and can start planning your perfect honeymoon.
A fantastic alternative to couples with a fully furnished kitchen (and your guests will thank you for making their gift-giving easy for them!)


Perhaps the most important aspect of what a good travel agent can do is our ability to advise on budgeting correctly for what you are trying to achieve. We are a fully accredited travel agent, therefore, your hard-earned money is held in a secure client account. We also make sure there are a variety of options available to you to help with cash-flow including a 6-month interest-free option, layby, and monthly payment plans. After all, the hope is that you will only do this once so we may as well make it a good one!