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Wendy O’Brien Wedding Celebrant



Servicing National (Australia)

I became a celebrant because I love love! I love helping couples create, capture and hold onto every magic moment of their wedding day. Say “I do” with me!

Why do I love being a Marriage Celebrant? I love meeting two people, hearing their love story and working with them, to find out what they’ve always dreamt their wedding would be like. If you’ve just said, “Yes!” to the proposal, let’s chat, so that we can start creating your perfect ceremony. When it's time for you to say, "I do", you will truly have the wedding of your dreams – the start of your happily ever after!

I am warm, calm and professional and I aim to put you at ease, so that you can truly enjoy your special day.

Most couples put a lot of thought into the little things that are important to them, but sometimes the day goes so fast, that the little things get swept over. I want to help you to slow down and enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime.

I offer:

As many (or as few) meetings as you want to create your perfect wedding. We can meet at my home, your home, or at a mutually agreed venue. Once the initial paperwork is completed we can contact each other through email or online, if that works best for you, via a shared platform like Zoom, FaceTime or through Trello.

A unique App that helps us work through every step of planning your wedding. It even alerts me when you arrive at the venue on The Big Day!

A stress-free service, taking care of all planning for the ceremony and the legal requirements for your marriage.

A unique wedding ceremony, created just for you. You may want a traditional ceremony, or something quite different. Whatever you choose, we’ll work together, so that it’s the perfect ceremony for you.

A pre-wedding rehearsal included in my service.

The guarantee that your wedding will be the only ceremony at which I officiate on the day. You will have my full attention and if there are any little glitches on the day, I will help to deal with whatever comes along!

A quality PA system to play your wedding music and provide amplification for the ceremony, so that all your guests can hear every word.

Lots of wedding resources to give you ideas when planning your ceremony.

A beautiful wedding ceremony – perfect in every way. I will work with you, to make sure your ceremony is exactly what you want.

I can’t wait to meet both of you!