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Tutti Frutti Lolly Buffets



Servicing Sydney

Tutti Frutti Lolly Buffets is based in Sydney and has been operating since mid 2012. We provide Professional, Quality, Affordable & Delicious Lolly Buffets...

Our Buffets are AMAZING, each one is custom designed to you and your event and we can guarantee that your Lolly Buffet will add a huge impact to your event & will bring out the Inner child in all of your guests!!

Examples below are ways in which you can use your Wedding Lolly Buffet:

- The Bomboniere Gift "Opening up your Lolly Buffet towards the end of your function"
(Your guests will just love filling up their own Personalised lolly bag/box with delicious sweets)
- THE LOLLY BAR with your cake/sweets at Dessert time.
- As the Sweet Centrepiece throughout your event for guests to enjoy.

Each Custom Designed Package consists of:

- A Personalised lolly/dessert buffet designed to your theme & tastes
- Your choice of a delicious range of lollies/chocolates
- Apothecary glassware
- Centrepiece & Display Items to suit your theme
- Labels/scoops/tongs
- A sweet sign (Personalised) or Enlarged Words
- Linen/runner/bunting
- Noodle boxes/ bags for your sweet treats
-Optional Lolly Shop Canopy Cart
- Set up & dismantle of your buffet

Making Memorable Moments Sweet!