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Pre-Marriage Bootcamp! Marriage is one of the most important aspects of our life and yet we receive no ‘formal’ training or preparation for it.

For most of us, the model we have of marriage is what we saw our parents do or not do.  Research has indicated that half of all marriages that end will do so within the first 7 years.  All the more reason to start off well and give your marriage its best chance.

Participating in premarital education has been linked to higher levels of satisfaction and commitment in marriage, lower levels of conflict and reduced likelihood of divorce.

The Pre-Marriage Bootcamp will assist you and your partner in the following areas:

* How to be sure that you have a solid and lasting friendship.

* How to avoid causing hurt to your partner (even when its unintentional).

* Understanding and managing conflict.

* Learning how to make compromises that actually work.

* How to have successful discussions about difficult topics such as money and sex.

* Learn what are the factors that predict divorce and how to avoid the traps.

This is an education event, not a therapy event.  While your partner and yourself will complete activities throughout the seminar, you will not be asked to discuss your relationship with anyone other than your partner. 

Bookings are currently closed as there are no Pre-Marriage Bootcamps scheduled for the remainder of 2020.  Please feel free to email and ask to be included on our waitlist for future courses.