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Imagine this - it's the day after your wedding and you have just woken up. Details of your day are blurry but your feelings from the day are as strong as ever.

You just married the love of your life and your world is just beginning. But what about the details you can't remember? Now imagine this - it's a few weeks after your wedding and you have seen your wedding images for the first time. The details of your day are now fresh and vivid, because they were all captured by a photographer you didn't even notice. Seeing your images bought the emotions of your day back to life, in vivid colour and striking black and white, the details are no longer blurry as every moment was captured. The DVD slideshow took you on a rollercoaster of excitement all set to your favourite music, and your custom designer album is now a stunning reminder of the love and beauty of your special day. Distinctive and inspired images that embrace timeless elegance, and unrepeatable moments, creating a picture perfect story book of your special day full of life long memories. These memories have been bought to life for you by Natural Lights Photography and are yours to enjoy forever.