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Native Weddings



Servicing Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Worldwide

Melbourne based and making films worldwide. We specialise in creating personalised, handcrafted films that reflect the emotion of your big day.

We started with a mission: to put a new spin on the traditional wedding video. We want to

create something new and beautiful, whilst giving you the best possible experience.

Drawing on both classic and cutting edge camera techniques, we are always learning, always

evolving to make sure that we can capture every beautiful moment of your wedding to

make sure they’re yours for years to come.


At Native we want to create personalised, handcrafted films that capture the beauty and

emotion of your big day. No over the top theatrics (unless you want them!), just the

splendor of your wedding day filmed as you see it. As our team all use hand-held cameras

it means we can fade into the background while shooting, but also ensure that we capture

all the moments that matter to you to preserve them for years to come. No moment is too

small to be precious, and we want to be there to capture them all.


While the team are based out of Fitzroy we love to travel and would be totally up for

tagging along to wherever you have a wedding planned. No distance is too close or too far!


So drop me a line and arrange to swing by the studio, we'll have a prosecco and show you how the high-quality simplistic nature of our work will give you a memory that will last forever.