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Manu Music



Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, South East Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba

As Husband and Wife, we know how important the music is for your wedding day! We dedicate ourselves to taking care of all your music needs for the whole day!

Music! The most important part of the day when it comes to setting the mood, creating the environment & capturing the emotion in those special moments. From beautiful, soft, back ground msuic playing as your guests arrive, eagerly awaiting to see their loved ones, walk down the isle.. All they way till the end of the night when the ladies have kicked off their high heels, mens suit jackets are flung on the back of their chairs and every guest, young and old, are having a ball on the dancefloor... This is what we do!


We love being there for you, taking care of all of your music needs for the entire day. Singing all your favourite love songs while you sit and enjoy your meals, and all your favourite party songs when the formalities are over! 


It is our greatest honour, to be present on the most important day of your lives and we are so blessed to be able to do it. 

We love Soul, R&B, Pop, Dance, Reggae, Disco & all your favourite sing alongs too! We have skilled ourselves over many years to know what songs really work well across all ages, so that we can cater to everyone at your wedding, whether it be your younger siblings, or your grandparents. We will get them tapping their feet, singing along and ultimately up doing their best, 2 step, worm or robot dance moves!