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Kerrie Barber-White Civil Celebrant



Servicing Toowoomba

Kerrie Barber-White is a down to earth and professional civil celebrant.

Dear Bride and Groom, Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable moment in your life. You have been planning for this event to create your wedding to be "Uniquely Your Way". It is also the most expensive event considering all the costs of the reception, wedding gown, photo's, music, invitations, cake etc. All these things require so much time and planning, it is possible to overlook what is the main event - Your Wedding Ceremony; this is the part you and your guests will remember, well after the cake is eaten! So, if you are seeking a Celebrant who has a sense of fun, down to earth, practical, professional, problem solver, and someone who thinks outside the square and is completely natural then you have found that person.