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Katie's Cocktail Cafe



Servicing Brisbane, South East Queensland, Toowoomba

Vintage caravan bar/cafe. Creating the PERFECT and unique addition to your wedding

Frankie is a 1978 Viscount Hunter Caravan that has been beautiful converted into a rustic style travelling bar and cafe. Perfect for a unique experience and photo opportunity at your wedding.

We specialise in providing friendly, high quality customer service; going above and beyond to make your day/night special.  Frankie is fitted out with everything you need in a bar and comes with the option to personalise to suit your theme to add that extra unique touch; Frankie will not only compliment your event but enhance the experience for your guests, helping you to create those beautiful life long memories.  

We are a BYO bar that provides absolutely EVERYTHING you need apart from the alcohol but to take as much stress away as we can we even help you design your personalised menu and give you an alcohol shoppping list with reccommended quantity etc. 

We travel EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE!!! We LOVE travelling and don't have any travel charge within 100km's of Allora QLD to help rural communities access such an amazing service!