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Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

It's YOUR DAY and you should enjoy it!

Wedding preparations start months in advance. You plan for everything to fall into place on one special day ' your Wedding Day. You know what you want, what you are expecting, what you are trying to achieve and you know there is no second chance. All must be ready. It is so important that everyone who works for you understands this and they do exactly that - what you want.

YES! Entertainment is all about making your Wedding Reception the party you wanted. Time is taken to fully understand what your objectives are and how you want them achieved. You will have a comprehensive interview with John Boyle to ensure that everything you want for your Wedding Reception is understood. Then, on the night you can enjoy the fruits of your planning.

During Dinner, music is played that will complement your desires. Your Bridal Dance will be complemented with a wonderful light effect; then... The party starts on the dance floor; with Night Club style lighting and with an extensive selection of over 12,000 songs at the ready there is music for everyone. Let the fun begin! Requests are not a problem ' I want everyone to enjoy your party (I may even have that obscure song Aunty wants). Nearing the end of the night you may have a Bouquet to throw for the girls, maybe the garter for the boys; then finish the night off with a send off befitting your special occasion. You may leave the party but you want your guests to take the fond memories of a great night, a night full of fun, the night you wanted. Let John Boyle Entertainment help you achieve this.

Certain months of the year are more popular than others so once you have decided your date please contact YES! Entertainment and lock in a tentative booking ' this will ensure that you don't miss out. Book early to try to avoid disappointment ' just what you had in mind '.