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Ivy Wed weddings by Nicole



Servicing Melbourne, National (Australia), Worldwide

With over 14 years experience as an active Marriage Celebrant, Nicole is the perfect choice for officiating your special day.

Hi there, I'm Nicole, and just like you, I want to see your wedding day or special occasion be everything you dreamt of.

18 years ago I conducted my first public ceremony. A naming day, not written by me - but it lit something in me that is still blazing bright today. I love ceremony and ritual. I love the meaningful symolism behind why we do public ritual, taking that moment out of the mundane, our everyday lives to publically  recognise a couples comittment to each other.

Weddings don't need to be elaborate. What is important is the love two people share being expressed to their community. And that is where I come in. I can encourage you, in a way that is relevant to you, to express how you feel in your heart. I can guide you with ideas and suggestions based on hard work and experience. My joy comes from seeing the smiling faces that are heading off to your reception.

I am a pagan ceremony specialist, but also perform non denominational, spiritual and non spiritual ceremony. I conduct wiccan and pagan rituals and have done so for many years. My personal spirituality is inclusive, I have been blessed to conduct ceremonies that have ranged from spiritual to atheist, same sex and hetro. I have also been excited when involved with theme weddings, surprise ceremonies and interstate weddings.

 Because it is not about me. It is about the couple, their community and those wonderful years that will follow.