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Edwina Kate Photography



Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, National (Australia), South East Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Worldwide

Until you've got your"Best Friend" at your wedding, it's going to be hard! We keep you calm to ensure your best day ever and deliver amazing photos too.

At Edwina Kate Photography we are more than just a photographer capturing your special day, we work with you to know your concerns about your day so we can help you remain calm, stay positive and settle in for a great day.

We are your photographer,"Best Friend" and confidant on your wedding day!

With over 5 years of experience as a photographer Edwina and her team pride themselves on the love and care they put into you on your special day. Nothing is ever a problem, there is always a solution and it's our job to find that solution and keep you calm so you can have the best day ever.

As birds of the same feather, you and your "Brides Best Friend" will find it easy to agree on literally thousands of critical decisions coming your way. We can communicate emphatically and meaningfully using our knowledge of the industry, caring about your needs and respecting your wishes.