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Destine Dance



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Learn a dance that will leave your guests amazed and impressed. But in a fun & easy way that makes fond pre-wedding memories of learning together.

A wedding dance just for you and like no other - the visual and musical highlight of your wedding

Destine Dance specialises in all forms of partner dancing. And we use this expertise to give you the best wedding dance possible. Because we also have an excellent understanding of how people learn dance, we teach you and your groom in exactly the way you need so that lessons are fun. Not only will you learn to dance well, but you and your groom will also have great memories from learning your wedding dance together.

We do not simply teach you a standard routine either. We are not like all the other schools that teach all their wedding couples the same dance. We match the routine to your song, your personality, your venue and your guests’ tastes. Your dance will be the perfect symbol of your marriage, be the highlight of your wedding and leave your guests amazed.

The wedding dance is often the part of a wedding that is remembered and the highlight of any wedding video. Destine Dance understands this so we also prepare you for the big day to ensure you will dance at your best. It is more than knowing the dance, it is also about confidence and mindset, and we can develop that too so you know you both will dance well on the day.