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Servicing Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, National (Australia), Online, South East Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Toowoomba, Worldwide

Discover, Plan and book your Dream Wedding, Hen/bucks party, buddymoon & honeymoon all in one place. Best of all its free.

I Do Destinations (IDD)  is the love child of a couple from Australia who decided to have their dream day take place across the globe in stunning South Africa. Selecting the magnificent destination was the easy part. Figuring out the logistics to bring together 200 people from 8 different countries, 10 time zones, countless different preferences, budgets and dates; to seamlessly create the ultimate dream destination wedding was the tricky part.

So Igor did what Igor does and dreamed up something totally grand and extra. He created a complete website that pulls together all aspects of a wedding in one easy to use place. I do destinations! It is a beautifully collaborated platform that allows couples to plan their wedding day, hens/bucks parties and even a buddy moon if you’re so inclined. Guests are then able to explore the site to find and book accommodation, flight, activities and of course, get all the need to know information.

Best of all, everything is booked as a group unlocking amazing perks such as 10-20% discount on the total cost of the trip saving thousands vs individual bookings. Guests also gain the ability to pay off the trip in easy instalments up to 30 days before departure.
So take the stress away from you big day and allow your guests to peruse at their leisure, book their dream holiday and have a fully paid trip weeks before the wedding! What? I know, great right?


Streamlined events – hens/bucks, wedding and buddy moon all in one place! 

Direct debit to pay off trip (weekly/fortnightly)

Book flights, accommodation and more!

Need to know details

Payments are automatically organised making the Maid of honour/ Best mans life easy when it comes to payment for those parties. 

Car hire

Travel Insurance

Beautiful digital invites and RSVP’s

Event countdown

You can even track all your wedding expenses, due dates and set reminders right here

Best of all there's no cost to you!  Go on try it today, we guarantee you won't regret it :)