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Bellarine Celebrant



Servicing Geelong, Melbourne, National (Australia)

I'm lucky to marry THE.BEST.COUPLES and I hope you'll be one of them!

Hey, thanks for checking out my profile! I've been a celebrant since 2017 and have done over 130 ceremonies. I love my job and my style is 'let's have some fun'. I'm very relaxed and chilled which, in the lead up to and on the day, is a great asset. 


I have a teaching background and moved into the administrative side of education, at a tertiary level, which saw me hone my public speaking skills internationally and locally. I live on The Bellarine in Victoria with my husband, Mal, and my kelpie, Ruby, but I can marry anyone anywhere in this gorgeous country, so let me know if you need me in Port Douglas! 

I marched and campaigned in Geelong for marriage equality and to my absolute delight, since that fabulous day when same-sex marriage became legal, I have married seven same-sex couples. Yay!


I regard our relationship as a partnership where we're both working towards creating THE.BEST.DAY.EVER for you two. I provide you with heaps of resources for you to peruse at your leisure but I'm also available at anytime to offer advice and guidance. And, because I work closely with other suppliers, I enjoy finding out what your style is and then I can recommend several vendors who I think might be a good match for you.

At all stages I am available via phone, email, text, skype, zoom, FB Messenger, whatever works best for us both.


Step 1: Our first step is to meet up, either digitally or in person, to see if we are a good fit. Prior to that meeting I'll send you info on the legal process and the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants.

Step 2: If the meeting goes well, you pay my booking fee and I send you my extensive Wedding Toolkit, which I will have outlined in our meeting and via emails. You then complete the required documents and I create the first draft of your ceremony. Over the years I've developed some great ways to engage your guests which we can discuss and hopefully incorporate into your ceremony. The draft will have options and suggestions for you and you'll then return with any edits. We work this way until the ceremony is EXACTLY what you both want. 

Step 3: We'd normally have a rehearsal close to the wedding, probably the day before, where we go through the logistics of who, how and where.

Step 4: The big day is here! I arrive 45m to an hour before the ceremony to set up my PA, check everything is in order, reassure and settle both parties, and welcome guests. I'm also available to pin boutionnieres on grooms and their crew, move chairs, re-arrange flowers if the wind has blown them over, adjust an aisle carpet, distribute umbrellas if necessary, etc, etc. The list is endless lol.

And then we bounce the ball and you're married! Yes, it seems that quick and I encourage you to take a deep breath and enjoy every moment!

Step 5: I promptly upload the legal documents to the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages of whichever State the ceremony is held. In some States, like Victoria, I can apply, on your behalf, for your Official Marriage Certificate to be mailed via express post to your address immediately upon registration. 

The above five steps is a very condensed version of what really happens but you get the drift! 

Of course, not everyone getting married wants the whole shebang and you might just want a quick 'elopement' or 'legals-only' ceremony with a couple of witnesses and a few family and friends. No problemo! My fee always relates to how much work I need to put into your wedding and how much travel I need to do so hit me up and we can discuss it further.

So, if you want someone who's passionate about marrying people, is calm and professional and loves telling a good love story, I'm your girl and I hope to hear from you, Sue :)