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BeLeste Dance



Servicing Brisbane

Would you like a Wedding Dance/1st Dance made just for the two of you?

BeLeste Dance are the 2018 Winner winners of the Special Services Award for excellence in 1st Dance Instruction and are also runners up and finalists for many other awards.


We are 1st Dance Specialists with many years of dance and performance experience. Our unique skills allow us to create absolutely beautiful 1st Dances for our Wedding Couples. 

We are current 2018 & 2019 Queensland competitive ballroom dance champions and currently ranked 25th in competitive DanceSport (Blackpool Dance Festival-United Kingdom 5/2019),  and 2nd in China Open to the World 2019, our category of competition. 

BeLeste Dance will create a beautiful First Dance for you to your own special song designed just for you. We know exactly what you need to make your First Dance look amazing in front of your guests, the camera and on video and pride ourselves in delivering quality service and a wonderful experience over your 1st Dance learning journey. 

Based in Jindalee, 4073 and Graceville, 4075 Brisbane. (We also offer free bonus sessions with all of our dance packages)

If you would like your guests up and dancing on the day, then we can also run a great interactive dance session to have them dancing and mixing with each other.  

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