Wedding 101: Making the most of your beauty trials

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Hair and makeup trials help you perfect the look you want on your wedding day. Four beauty industry experts share their experiences and knowledge so you can make the most of your trials.

Make sure you look at possible looks prior to your trial and take these with you as this will help the makeup artist/hair stylist achieve what you most want.

To get the most out of your trial experience, have some ideas of styles you like from either our Facebook albums, Website, Magazines or Google searches to help the artist know what you are interested in trying. Obviously, many brides are unsure of what will suit them and we will offer ideas and suggestions. Your input is extremely important to enable us to design your look for you that is perfect for you. It is always advantageous to have a close friend at your trial as they know you the best, and may assist in your decision making.

The trial process is designed to give you the chance to try hairstyles and makeup looks. Our makeup trial is up to 1.5 hours, and hair trials are up to 2 hours. It is a good idea to wear something light coloured to your makeup trial, as this will give you a better idea of the overall look. Dark colours change your skin tone, and may make your makeup look washed out. Make sure your hair is clean and dry ready for styling, wear a light moisturiser, and have a clean fresh face.
- Kerrie Gargano, Magical Makeovers

Bring in pictures, clips, flowers veil anything you want in your hair on the day, don’t do it (your trial) too early as you might change your mind, a month in advance is good for a trial.
- Casey, Soho Hairdressing

First and foremost…please arrive at your makeup trial with NO makeup on. Hair should be washed the day before the trial and all products left out. We also recommend avoiding using a GHD or similar straightener prior to your hair trial as often once the hair has been through the straightener it can be difficult to re-style, especially curl.
Photos or magazines with ideas of styles that you like are great…but please come with an open mind. The images you bring along with give your makeup artist and hair stylist as to what you have in mind however they may need to tweak these to suit your face shape, length and thickness of hair, including the haircut that you have, etc.  For your makeup try a few different looks with the strength on the eyes, etc., to see what works for you best. Keep in mind that you will probably feel overdone at the makeup trial however it does all come together on the wedding day when your hair is done and you have your glamorous dress on. Your makeup artist will ensure you have enough makeup on so that you don’t look washed out in photos but should always make sure that you are comfortable wearing it.

- Lisa Thomas, Makeup4Brides & Hair4Brides

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