Wedding 101: Bright Ideas

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When the sun goes down, decorative lighting creates a romantic, whimsical atmosphere at your wedding reception. Whatever your style - modern, minimal, enchanted or eclectic - there are many ways to transform a venue with ambient lighting.

Important things to consider when choosing and setting up your decorative lighting:

  • Use varying heights to add dimension to your lighting.
  • Remember to sit at your tables before the wedding. Will your guests be able to see each other? 
  • Incorporate different lights to mix it up and create interest. 
  • Asymmetry is important. Follow the golden design rule, odd numbers is best. 
  • If you choose to have a feature light, keep the rest of the decorative lights simple. Remember, less is more. 

Create a starry sky beneath the trees with rows of fairy lights strung to form a canopy.

For an extra dramatic look suspend an elegant feature light, such as a chandelier, from a tree or archway. 

Paper lanterns offer soft lighting and are a classic option - for a modern twist, opt for a box lantern rather than round.

Dress up your entry way with antique style lanterns or candles for a great first impression.

Unique lighting - such as mason jars or light bulbs - creates an eclectic look.

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