The wedding weigh in


There's no gimmick to these weight loss tricks, and best of all, they help set patterns for healthy eating after your wedding is over.

Avoid Fad Diets. As tempting as they sound with their promises of big results in little time, they will leave you worse than they found you. You will lose some weight, but it will mostly be water and muscle! And when you stop the diet, it will go right back on again.

Drink Plenty of Water. There are times when your can confuse your body’s cry for water as a need for food. Avoid the confusion by staying hydrated. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times.

Eat Breakfast. We understand that you might be in a rush in the morning, but there’s no better way to start your day than making time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast causes your metabolism to be slower and you’ll hold onto fat instead of burning it.

Schedule Healthy Snacks. Eat a healthy snack composed of fruit, veg and nuts between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner. Not only will you get a ton of fibre, vitamins and minerals, but you’ll also be less hungry between meals. You’ll find you have less need for high sugar and high fat snacks like biscuits and cakes.

Use Light Weights. Don’t worry, they won’t make you a bulky bride, but will help you to appear more toned and sleek. This increased tone will increase your metabolism and cause your body to burn more fat.

A Bride-to-be Needs Her Beauty Sleep. Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you hungry and when you don’t get enough sleep, its levels increase. This is your body’s way of getting more energy from food that it didn’t get from a refreshing sleep. Get your 6-8 hours a night and prevent this from happening.

Set a Goal and Write it Down. As opposed to being vague and stating ‘I want to lose weight’ – be specific. How much do you want to lose? How many dress sizes do you want to drop? This will help to focus your mind and make you more effective. Writing the goal down allows you to refer to it and refocus your efforts when required.

Eat a smaller dinner. If you eat a large meal in the evening, your body has little to do with the energy it provides and this can result it being stored, as fat! By eating breakfast and healthy snacks between meals, you’ll be less famished at night and will be satisfied with a smaller dinner.

Keep a Picture of Your Wedding Dress Handy
. It will provide a motivational boost when required and remind you of what you’re working towards.

Along with these lifestyle changes, it's also important get active! 

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