Pre-wedding celebrations


The wedding is drawing closer, festivities are approaching. First on the Agenda: a Kitchen Tea or a Bridal Shower?

Traditionally, a Bridal Kitchen Tea is just that – an afternoon tea where guests bring a gift for the bride suitable for the kitchen only. A bridal shower on the other hand sees guests bring a gift of any description to “shower” the bride with. At either event, it’s usually only close female family and friends invited to celebrate the upcoming wedding. It also allows guests from both sides of the family to get to know each other before the big day, and to do so in a more relaxed environment. The kitchen tea or bridal shower is traditionally held 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

Add a theme

Often these parties can be themed, making way for added enthusiasm and “breaking the ice” between the two families. How about a baking party? Garden, bedroom or entertaining theme? With the entertaining theme guests then bring gifts to help the newly married couple entertain such as coffee beans, wine, cheese platters, glasses.

Location location!

Either event usually takes place at the home of the Mother of the Bride, the Maid of Honour or the Bridesmaids. How about instead you opt for a trendy café or restaurant, day spa or beauty salon? Try something new!

Show me the coffee! 

This new trend sees the Bridal Party organise a “high coffee’ at a hotel or restaurant where the guests can enjoy a range of coffee blends (or espresso martinis!) and indulge themselves on a feast of coffee-inspired delicacies in honour of the Bride to Be. 

Make her a recipe book

On each invitation, ask each of the guests to bring along their favourite recipe, which they can type, write or decorate on a piece of paper. As the guests arrive the recipes are collected by one of the Bridesmaids who have pre-prepared a beautiful blank book to display the recipes from all guests, such as Grandparents, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Cousins and friends. Whilst the guests are enjoying their afternoon tea, the Bridesmaids paste all the recipes in the book. The book is then presented to the Bride, as a token from all the guests that are present at the Kitchen Tea. Something that cannot be bought and a gift that is truly unique!

Pass the parcel

Embrace your inner child and include a pass the parcel – but not just any old pass the parcel. This one is strictly for Kitchen Teas! This is how it goes. On each wrapped layer is written a question and everyone has to decide who it suits. The winner gets the prize from the next layer. The questions might be: who has the best painted toenails? Who is the tallest? Who has the longest hair? Who is wearing the most jewellery? Who has the highest heels? And the list goes on… with many more questions that Bridesmaids will have fun writing. The game brings out competitiveness in a fun way, and some of the comments from the guests will be priceless!

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