Shades of grey

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From silver to charcoal, grey is a classic and versatile colour - the perfect choice for the bride looking to make the ultimate, chic decor statement at her wedding.

When choosing colours to compliment grey, you can either match it with pastels or bright, darker shades. Soft shades of peach, pink, lavenders and light blues add a touch of femininity, however they don't have to take away from the sophistication of grey. 

With its cooling effect, grey can also be used to lighten darker or brighter shades. A touch of grey with deep purples or reds, navy, golden yellow or hot pink makes them appear less intense. 

Alternatively, silver grey makes a great replacement for white, while charcoal grey can be used instead of harsh black. 

COLOURS TO AVOID: Steer clear of earthy shades such as rusty orange, browns or beige. 

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