Groom style: How to wear the blue suit

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While we’ll never tire of the classic black tuxedo, we love seeing grooms up their fashion game and add pops of colour and personality to their wedding attire. For grooms looking to step outside the box, but not too far, a blue suit is a great place to start.

Navy groomsmen (top image)

The team from Black Jacket Suiting share their advice on how to pull off this trend. 

Here is a much more pronounced demonstration of flush shoulders; notice how the shoulder of the suit terminates and runs smoothly down the arm. All of the trousers fit nicely, with no pulling around the crotch and keeping the crease high over the thigh (bar the creases caused by posing, of course). 

To differentiate himself from his groomsmen, the groom has opted for a navy dinner suit (tuxedo) over a standard lounge suit. This keeps consistency within the party but making the groom stand out in a simple fashion. It is important to make the groom stand out on the wedding day, but how clearly he stands out from his groomsmen is entirely up to you. It can be subtle or as obvious as you wish but as long as the groom is distinguishable from his groomsmen.

Powder Blue Groom

This piece works as it is simple with only a dash of colour. Simplicity is key in a wedding, as too much pattern and colour can make for a messy presentation come time for photos. A simple dash of colour will add life to the outfit, without making it too busy or obnoxiously vivid.

It is imperative to make sure the shoulders of the suit are flush with the arms to avoid dimpling around the shoulder. The key area for the trousers is not actually the waistband, but the thigh area as this is where you will get the fitted look through the leg. Make sure the thighs are comfortable when standing and sitting, and you can adjust the waistband with a tailor to ensure your pants don’t fall down on their own accord.

Navy groom

Here is an example of one of the most popular looks among groomsmen at the moment. A simple navy suit, with a white or off-white/ivory shirt and necktie. Instead of a pocket square the groom has opted for a boutonnière for that splash of colour to the ensemble.

The mix of accessories help create a good balance of style and substance. The French-cuff shirt, boutonnière, simple tie and casual belt create a modern look for a unique bridal look. It also strikes a good balance in the “celebration/occasion” without relying on unusual colours or gimmicks. As a final note, always remember to match shoes and belt as closely as possible for consistency.

Suits pictured available from Black Jacket Suiting 

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