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Your engagement ring is the one item in your wardrobe that truly defines your style. From classic to modern, here is what the cut of a diamond says about the woman wearing it.


This classic cut is the most popular choice...and for good reason. Its 57 facets bring out the most brilliance and sparkle of all the shapes.

YOU: A traditionalist at heart , this is a woman who doesn't follow the trends. Simplicity is key.


A contemporary cut with its square or rectangular shape is fit for a modern day...well, princess.

YOU: Glamourous and independent, this is a woman who likes to be swept off her feet and treated like a lady.


The long, lean lines of an Emerald shaped diamond are timeless and elegant. This regal cut focuses on the diamonds transparency - a fine choice for those who don't think sparkle is everything.

YOU: The sophisticated socialite - a woman with confidence who appreciates vintage design. 


With its cropped corners and distinctive X shape, the striking Asscher cut has become the cut of choice for women "in the know".

YOU: A daring and creative lady with a keen eye for style. Think Carrie Bradshaw.


Its elegant teardrop shape exudes femininity, while the asymmetrical shape gives the cut a modern twist.

YOU: Contemporary yet chic, you have that edge that no one (including us!) can quite put their finger on.


This slender cut channels old Hollywood style and drama. The Marquise has the greatest carat size per weight of all the cuts.

YOU: Charming, ambitious and outgoing, you love to stand out from the crowd.


Soft and romantic, the cushion cut is similar to the ever-popular round shaped diamond, yet is distinctively different. The antique design evokes 1920s glamour and opulence. 

YOU: You take your cues from the likes of Grace Kelly - a classic woman who demands to be set apart. 


With the classic shape of an emerald cut and the sparkle of a round-cut, a radiant diamond ring truly lives up to its name.

YOU: Vivacious and fun-loving, you 'dazzle' people with your personality.

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