Bridal Fashion Trends 2013 (Part 1)

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2013 is the year for creative bridal gowns, with new trends coming in to suit every bride. See our pick of some of the hottest, and most flattering, styles to look out for. In Part 1 we look at Shorter Hemlines, Bold Florals and Lovely Lace...

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Shorter Hemlines
For youthful, fun, fuss-free (and easy to dance in) gowns, the knee-length or tea-length dress is the perfect solution. At this length, designers are opting for fuller silhouettes below the waist—think ballerina, tulip, and bubble skirts—to maintain that bridal feel. Here’s how some of our favourites interpreted the trend.

Wendy Makin-  Tess-M

Karen Willis-Holmes - Doris

The below J.Alexander gown is available from Penrith Bridal Centre.


Bold Florals
Stand out and put a fresh spin on your look by choosing fabrics in colourful, floral prints. Favoured colours are soft pink, lavender, and sunny yellow in large, overblown motifs. The trend is best paired with a classic silhouette, to avoid looking too busy.

Jennifer Gifford Designs

Wendy Makin - Katelyn

Lovely Lace
Lace is a classic and versatile bridal look that will never go out of style. This year, we’re seeing it treated a number of ways. Some designers are going for pretty looks, using it as a delicate overlay, other are applying it to structured hourglass looks for something more va-va-voom, and elsewhere it’s taking the place of beading and appliques as the feature element of the gown.

Paddington Weddings - Lara

Karen Willis-Holmes - Bella

Wendy Makin - Kylie

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