5 minutes with: Brazilian Show Brisbane

Categories: Pre-Wedding Celebrations

1. Colourful and sexy costumes, 2. Learn Brazilian dancing, 3. All you can eat Brazilian Bar B Que, 4. The Drinks, 5. The after party. Have fun with this type of celebration just like Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro at Brazilian Show Brisbane.

A carnival in the heart of Brisbane where you can join the conga line, salsa the night away and feel the pulsing rhythms of Latin America – that’s just what Brazilian Show Brisbane offer. Located in Fortitude Valley a night at Brazilian Show Brisbane showcases a vibrant, flamboyant, relaxed, exotic, colourful and energetic evening - you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the carnival!

Refreshments and dinner are offered, featuring tantalising fruit cocktails and mouth-watering gourmet Brazilian barbeque. You’ll feel the temperatures soar as Latin fever takes over you and your friends - perfect for a Hen's Night Celebration.

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