10 tips to perfect makeup


Lotions and potions, serums and creams - there are millions of products out there claiming to give the best results. At Wedding Guide, we believe in keeping it simple. Once you get the basics right (and with the help of some professionals) with think you're on the right way to achieving bridal beauty perfection.

ONE | Always start your makeup with a well hydrated face.

TWO | Make sure you’re finding the perfect primer for you skin type.

THREE | Choose a foundation that’s either water-based or silicon based.

FOUR | Use shadows that have good pigment in them.

FIVE | Always dust your face with a setting powder when you’re completing your wedding day look.

SIX | Wearing more makeup for your wedding day is a complete myth.

SEVEN | Try and test lip shades, there are thousands of colors out there — go out and play!

EIGHT | Add lashes!

NINE | Have your eyebrows professionally done

TEN | Less is more!

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