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Laser Cut Wedding Stationary - Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Wedding Invitations use laser precision to mark your engagement and wedding invitations with pristine elegance and luminous creation.

If you’re contemplating a move away from the traditional ink and paper weding invitation, Classic Wedding Invitations offer a unique change of tack: an invitation of delicate intricacy, ‘carved’ onto wood, metallic paper, Perspex and numerous other materials. Love the look of lace but keen to try something a little sturdier? Laser cutting enables extremely delicate design influences to be reimagined on stronger materials, and you can let you mind run wild.

Almost anything can be incorporated into your invitation, and the devil in the detail has never looked so smart. 

For those that enjoyed pop-up books as wee ones, a favourite may be the Pop Out Church.

Or if you’ve ever tied string on your finger to remember, this nifty invite gifts you a reminder ring when you RSVP.Classic Wedding Invitations work with Melbourne Laser Cutters and in creative collaboration with Shades Of Green.

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